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Diver training

Courses on offer

As a branch of BSAC, we offer a variety of diver training. Your training is transferable to any other BSAC affiliated member clubs. You can even do your theory training with us, and complete your actual dives abroad,
(subject to availability of a BSAC approved centre).

Scuba Equipment

BSAC Ocean Diver

BSAC's entry level training course, which includes safe pool lessons, theory lessons and open water dives.

Your qualification will be recognised worldwide and you will be qualified to use breathing gas mixtures of up to 36 per cent Nitrox to increase your safety on dives.

BSAC Sport Diver

After Ocean Diver the next step is to improve your skills and knowledge further, which will able you to be able to dive safely to deeper depths and gain the wider experience.

Skills that make Sports Divers stand out from the crowd include doing longer deeper dives, with decompression stops if needed.

You’ll learn how to spot if something is wrong and what to do in an emergency including self-rescue, recovery of unresponsive divers, and basic life support – these are among the most valuable skills any diver can learn.

Scuba Diver

Dive Leader

Progress your diver skills with the Dive Leader course. This course is designed to give you all the skills to become confidence to plan, manage and successfully execute your own branch dive.

Dive Leader training is extending your personal diving to depths of up to 50m so you can plan and lead more adventurous dives needing detailed planning for gas and decompression requirements.

Other skills introduced include using ‘lift and shift’ techniques to recover underwater objects.

You’ll also gain the expertise to plan dives for groups of divers, manage dives, and manage a rescue situation in an emergency, including carrying out casualty assessment and administering basic life support with oxygen.


BSAC Advanced Diver

Advanced Diver training will extend your diving knowledge to include techniques and emerging technologies involved in underwater search techniques, diving involving no clear surface (either cavern, wreck penetration or ice diving), open-circuit or closed-circuit mixed gas diving, advanced decompression diving and finding and diving an unknown site.

You will further your skills in rescue management and seamanship – using small boats as diving platforms, doing your own chartwork and navigation – and developing your leadership qualities and dive organisation skills.

Diver training: News & Updates
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